Butadiene Rubber for HIPS Application

Rubber has a long tradition at our company. Numerous milestones in the history of synthetic rubber are linked with us.

These days, our Business Unit with its broad portfolio of synthetic rubbers and an annual capacity of approx. 1.2 million metric tons is the world´s largest synthetic rubber producer. A network of production sites and technical and sales centers on almost every continent provides global customer service and helps to ensure quality and reliable delivery.

For plastic modification we produce polybutadiene by a solution polymerization process which enables the production of very pure, virtually gel free, very clear and almost colorless products. BR is manufactured either in an anionic process or using Ziegler-Natta catalyst systems. The type of BR is determined by the central metal atom of the catalyst used, e.g., Li-BR, Nd-BR. The use of organometallic catalysts produces highly uniform polymers that are particularly suited for the use in high impact polystyrene (HIPS) and for the mass-solution polymerization of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resins (m-ABS).

Solution viscosity

The use of the different types of polymerization systems influence the micro- and macrostructure of the final polymers.

Lithium catalyst leads to butadiene rubbers with a medium cis-1,4 content, whereas the neodymium catalyst system yield materials with high cis-1,4 contents.

The solution viscosities of butadiene rubbers are determined by the macrostructure of the polymers, and the degree of branching. The macrostructure has a significant effect over the rheological behavior of the rubber itself. More branched polymers auch as Buna® CB 565 T have a relatively low solution viscosity in comparison with the more linear and less branched BR grades.


NameTypeML (1+4)SV (mPas)ML(1+4)/SV
Buna® CB 380Li-BR3890∼0.42
Buna® CB 55 GPTLi-BR52.5165∼0.32
Buna® CB 550 gradesLi-BR54163∼0.33
Buna® CB 530 TLi-BR68250∼0.27
Buna® CB 70 GPTLi-BR69.5250∼0.28
Buna® CB 565 TLi-BR-star branched 6044∼1.36
Buna® CB 728 TNd-BR44160∼0.28




Buna® CB Butadiene Rubbers are completely soluble in styrene and other aromatic solvents at room temperature or above. The dissolving rate depends upon the concentration of rubber, the size of the ground rubber particles and their bulk density, the temperature of the solvent and the applied shear. Under same conditions, low viscosity grades dissolve faster than polymers with higher viscosity.

Stabilization Systems

Regarding the different requirements of customers and various regional legislations, we offer a range of different antioxidant systems within it´s portfolio. These systems are characterised by different abbreviations "T", "IT" & "GPT". For more detailed information please contact your regional technical service representative.


Our Butadiene Rubbers for plastic modification are wrapped in polystyrene foil which complies the requirements of the HIPS-Industry.

For the transport we use wood free packaging. The crates consists of reusable metal boxes and the logistic partner has build up an efficient international network with service depots in more than 60 countries. This global pooling makes this form of packaging cost competitive especially for overseas business. The reusable boxes being constructed of metal, are extremely robust. After emptying the box, the sides can be collapsed inwards to save space during storage of the empty boxes until they are returned again for reuse.

Nd-BR for HIPS Application

Besides our widely used Li-BRs, we have succeeded in the production of Neodymium-based Butadiene Rubbers (Nd-BR) for the HIPS application.

These rubber grades are matching completely the needs of the plastic industry. Moreover Nd-BRs allow the production of HIPS resins with a higher rubber efficiency and superior properties. Compared with the references, similar mechanical properties (impact strength, modulus) can be reached with less amount of Nd-BR. Consequently, the mechanical properties of HIPS resins produced with Nd-BR are similar (less amount of rubber) or even superior (similar amount of rubber) to those of resins based on corresponding BRs.

We currently offer Buna® CB 728 T for HIPS application from Orange, Texas

For more detailed information please contact your regional technical service representative.

Product Portfolio

Name Plant Type SV (mPas) ML (1+4)
Buna® CB 70 GPT Cabo Li-BR 250 69.5
Buna® CB 55 GPT Cabo Li-BR 165 52.5
Buna® CB 530 T Pt.Jérôme Li-BR 250 68
Buna® CB 550 T Pt.Jérôme Li-BR 163 54
Buna® CB 565 T Pt.Jérôme Li-BR 44 60
Buna® CB 550 IT Orange, Tx Li-BR 163 54
Buna® CB 380 Orange, Tx Li-BR
Buna® CB 728 T Orange, Tx Nd-BR 160 44


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