Asphalt, Foams, and Carpet Backing

Taktene® Latex are aqueous butadiene-styrene copolymer dispersions with a high amount of solid (>65%) produced by cold polymerization. It is used in the production of gel and non-gel laminated foam, molded foam, lining impregnation, carpet backing, agglomerates of coconut fiber and cork, manufacture of insoles and in modification of asphalt emulsions.

Taktene® Latex S62F contains no biocide and allows the use in food applications such as production of chewing gum base.


Foams produced with Taktene® Latex present good elasticity, rebound and dimensional stability. Asphalt binders modified with Taktene® Latex show elastic properties that reduce rutting (permanent deformation) and fatigue cracking, increasing pavement’s durability and reducing its maintenance costs. This modification also allows an expansion of the temperature range of service.