Anti-vibration and Damping Components

The unique combination of properties, such as high permeation barrier, high damping, resistance to ozone and heat ageing makes X_Butyl® ideal for many non-tire applications in the automotive industry. Among the largest of these applications are vibration-control applications and dynamic parts including body mounts. Halobutyl Rubber X_Butyl® is widely used because of their high damping, fast reversion-resistant cures and excellent ageing properties, especially with respect to hot flex fatigue. Compared to regular butyl, Halogenated X_Butyl® can also be formulated to have an intermediate level of oil resistance for use in engine and transmission mounts and automotive exhaust hanger compounds.

Additionally Buna® CB Butadiene Rubbers are also used in anti-vibration bushings and in air spring applications for high frequency damping applications.