Lining & Coating

Protective clothing made with Regular Butyl Rubber X_Butyl® and Halobutyl Rubber X_Butyl® not only has very good barrier properties, but it is light-weight and maintains a high degree of flexibility. With excellent tear and abrasion resistance, X_Butyl® vulcanizates allows the material to drape naturally and not crack as easily as plastic. X_Butyl® products are well suited for Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) clothing as well as face masks and respirators that must remain impervious to gases, yet be flexible enough to deliver a positive mask seal.

Halobutyl Rubber X_Butyl® has high resistance to numerous chemicals, making it an ideal material for the production of linings where chemical resistance is required. In addition, it offers cure versatility, easy bonding and very low volume swell in contact with various chemicals.