Medical and Pharmaceutical

The demands by the medical and pharmaceutical sectors on elastomers and their compounds and vulcanizates are extremely high. Halobutyl Rubber X_Butyl® is widely used in pharmaceutical rubber products, such as closures for infusion containers, injection vials, lyophilization and blood collection tubes.

Manufactured to stringent requirements, pharmaceutical closures often come into direct contact with pharmaceutical products, either dissolved or in other forms. Therefore, they must comply with existing standards and regulations relating to the contact of rubber articles with pharmaceuticals. Halobutyl Rubber  X_Butyl® is generally preferred, because they ensure adequate protection of sterile pharmaceutical products against external contamination during storage and use. Halobutyl Rubber  X_Butyl® grades are also found as O-rings and gaskets in a variety of aerosol containers, personal care and cosmetic spray pumps and inhalers. In addition, they are used in plungers for applications such as infusion pumps, pre-filled syringes, insulin injectors and dental anesthetics.

Halobutyl Rubber X_Butyl® also plays a significant role in the medical and pharmaceutical industry in respirator masks and tubes. We offer a faster curing Bromobutyl Rubber to improve economics of the pharmaceutical closure moulding or to provide even cleaner compounds.