Truck Tire Treads and retreads

In truck tires, abrasion resistance and heat build-up which is correlated with rolling resistance play key roles. Polymers with a low glass temperature tend to impart excellent abrasion resistance and rolling resistance and are hence chosen for the truck tread and re-tread applications. Typically natural rubber blended with high cis Butadiene Rubbers forms the rubber component of the tread compound.


Our Buna® CB and Buna® Nd EZ portfolio contains high cis Butadiene Rubbers using both Neodymium and Cobalt catalysts. These rubbers impart a very low glass transition temperature and offer excellent abrasion resistance and reduced energy dissipation thus low heat build-up.


Additionally we offer a range of S-SBRs called Buna® SL that have a similar glass transition temperature to that of natural rubber. This makes them particularly suitable,  especially when blended with Buna® CB and Buna® Nd EZ high cis Butadiene Rubbers, for the truck tread application due to the excellent abrasion resistance offered by these S-SBR´s.