Passenger Car Tire Treads

Solution SBRs are gradually replacing emulsion SBRs for summer and winter tire treads requiring low rolling resistance tires without compromising grip especially in the high performance sector. It is sometimes blended with NR and BR (Buna CB®) to improve the balance of properties of the final product.


As a component in the polymer blend of car tire treads, grip and rolling resistance will be enhanced by controlling the glass transition temperature and shape of the tan delta curve.


The LANXESS Buna® VSL portfolio offers solution styrene butadiene rubbers that have different styrene and vinyl levels which allows the glass transition temperature of the tread compound to be adjusted in order to steer the end properties required by the application.


A step forward has been taken with the introduction of the Buna® FX 3234A-2 HM grade, which is a functionalized S-SBR that enhances the polymer to filler interaction. This enhancement reduces internal frictions inside the tread compound thus improving the rolling resistance levels even further.


In combination with Buna® CB Neodymium Butadiene Rubber, abrasion resistance and low temperature flexibility can be improved to enhance the tread properties further.


Buna® FX, Buna® VSL and Buna® CB or Buna® Nd EZ grades are well suited for the production of high performance summer and winter tire treads requiring optimum fuel economy, safety and service life.