BUNA® SL 4518-4

Buna SL 4518-4 is an oil extended butadiene-styrene copolymer containing 18% of styrene, produced by solution polymerization using an alkyl-lithium catalyst. It is extended with hydrotreated naphthenic oil. The polymer is stabilized with non-staining antioxidants, which are added during the manufacturing process and impart excellent heat aging properties under normal storage conditions.
Typical Values
Mooney (1+4 @100°C) : 45
Styrene : 18 %
Oil content : 27.3 %
Buna SL 4518-4 offers excellent processing and properties in the manufacture of tires, retreads, moulded technical goods and autoparts.
  • Automotive industry
  • Retread
  • Tire
  • Tire industry
  • Tread

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