BUNA® FX 3234A-2 HM

Buna® FX 3234A-2 HM is a functionalized high styrene SSBR designed to improve the polymer to filler interaction with the silica filler inside the tread compound. This reduces the hysteresis inside the tread compound thus reducing the rolling resistance of the tire. Traction indicators have also been improved. The product has a Mooney Viscosity of 80 after the addition of 37,5 phr of TDAE oil which is in compliance with the European directive 2005/69/EC.
Typical Values
Mooney (1+4 @100°C) : 80
Vinyl : 32 %
Styrene : 34 %
Typical applications are tires mainly high performance tires. The high Mooney imparts excellent treadwear performance. The high styrene content set at 34 % imparts a high level of dynamic stiffness making the grade especially suitable for high performance summer tires.
  • Automotive industry
  • Tire
  • Tire industry
  • Tread

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