Buna® Nd 22 EZ is a high-cis polybutadiene produced with neodymium catalyst. One of the key properties of these new rubber is their narrow polydispersity which leads to higher molar mass. In technical terms, the modification scheme of the new Nd-BR grade Buna® Nd 22 EZ is designed to create long chain branching, which accelerates the fast and reliable incorporation of fillers into the rubber matrix and improves processing.
Mooney (1+4 @100°C) : 63

Typical applications are tires, retreads, conveyor belts and anti-vibration bushings etc. They can be blended with NR for goods having thick sections requiring high resistance to reversion such as buffers, truck tire treads and roll covers needing high abrasion resistance, seals and other goods. They can be blended with S-SBR to improve abrasion resistance and rolling resistance in tire tread sections. Provided that the compounds are formulated and processed correctly, the vulcanisates have good resistance to aging, reversion, abrasion and flex cracking with good low temperature flexibility and high resilience.

  • Automotive industry
  • Band conveyor
  • Belt conveyor
  • Machine and equipment construction
  • Retread
  • Rubber covered roll
  • Seals
  • Shock absorber
  • Side wall
  • Technical rubber goods
  • Tire
  • Tire industry
  • Tread
  • Wiper
  • buffers

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