BUNA® SE 1783

Buna® SE 1783 is a styrene-butadiene copolymer with a bound styrene content of 23.5%, produced by cold emulsion polymerization (10°C maximum) using a mix of rosin and fatty acid soaps as emulsifier, extended in RAE (Residual Aromatic Extract) oil with low PAHs (Individual Polycyclic Aromatic Hycrocarbons) content, coagulated by a coagulant aid/acid system.
The monomers are randomly distributed in the polymer structure, while the butadiene fraction is found in its major part in the trans configuration with small fractions of cis and vinyl configurations.
CAS N°: 9003-55-8.
The rubber is protected by a staining antioxidant.
Typical Values
Mooney (1+4 @100°C) : 49
Styrene : 23,5 %
37,5 phr RAE-Oil
Buna® SE 1783 is used where there is a need for resistance to wear and tear, resistance to cracking and excellent processing conditions. It processes easily in extrusion and calendering due to its oil content. It is used in tires, retread, conveyor belts, piping, hoses, carpets, tubings, moulded products in general and shoe soles.
  • Automotive industry
  • Side wall
  • Tire
  • Tire industry
  • Tread

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