TAKTENE® Latex S62 F is an aqueous dispersion with high content of solids of a butadiene-styrene copolymer produced by cold emulsion polymerization, using a fatty soap as an emulsifier. It has approximately 24% of bound styrene in the copolymer.

TAKTENE® Latex S62F contains no biocide and allows the use in food applications such as production of chewing gum base.

Typical Values
Mooney : 135
Styrene : 24,0 %
Brookfield Viscosity (25°C, RVT, spindle2, 20rpm) : 800cP
TAKTENE® Latex S62 F is used in the production of gel and non-gel laminated foam, moulded foam, lining impregnation, carpet backing, agglomerates of coconut fiber and cork, manufacture of insoles, production of chewing gum base, water base adhesives compositions and in modification of asphalt emulsions.
  • Chewing gum
  • Food industry

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