Buna® Nd EZ

New Nd-BR grades: a breakthrough that bridge the gap between processability and superior properties.

The Buna® Nd EZ family of products is a new generation of high-cis polybutadienes that present a modified polymeric structure that enables marked improvements in the processing performance of rubber compounds but without sacrificing dynamic properties. This new family of polybutadienes catalyzed by Neodymium has a very high cis 1,4 content combined with a low 1,2 vinyl content and a narrow molecular weight distribution but has an increased degree of branching when compared to our standard Nd-BR family of products. This increased degree of branching leads to a lower final compound viscosity and improved downstream processing on the mill or extruder for example. Subsequently the modified structure leads to improved polymer phase distribution and therefore improved filler distribution, resulting in excellent dynamic properties. These new grades of easy processing Nd-BR overcome the conflict between superior tire properties and challenging processing. 

Key Properties  

One of the key properties of these rubbers is their narrow polydispersity which leads to higher molar mass. In technical terms, the modification scheme of the new Nd-BR grades Buna® Nd 22 EZ and Buna® Nd 24 EZ is designed to create long chain branching, which accelerates the fast and reliable incorporation of fillers into the rubber matrix and improves processing.


 They can be blended with NR for goods having thick sections requiring high resistance to reversion such as buffers, truck tire treads and roll covers needing high abrasion resistance, seals and other goods.  They can be blended with SSBR to improve abrasion resistance and rolling resistance in tire tread sections. Provided that the compounds are formulated and processed correctly, the vulcanizates have good resistance to aging, reversion, abrasion and flex cracking with good low temperature flexibility and high resilience.

In summary:

    · tires

    · retreads

    · conveyor belts

    · anti-vibration bushings

Product Portfolio
Buna® Mooney[MU]   Remark 
Nd 22 EZ63modified & long chain branched
Nd 24 EZ44modified & long chain branched




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