Lithium Butadiene Rubber

Lithium catalyst systems lead to polybutadienes with a medium cis-1,4 content. These polybutadienes are linear polymers used in classical tire formulations around the bead area of the tire. Due to a further process step Buna® CB 60 is star branched polymer that allows the incorporation of high loadings of filler yet allowing good processibility in, for example, apex compounds. Li-BRs can be blended with other diene based rubbers, including natural rubber to  help mitigate reversion.


Main applications:

    · technical rubber goods

    · apex areas of the tire

    · application where low temperature flexibility is important

    · footwear soles

Product Portfolio
Mooney [MU] Remark
Buna® CB 45        45 linear
Buna® CB 60        60 star branched
Buna® CB 55 NF        55 linear
Buna® CB 70        70 linear
Buna® CB 55 H        54 linear
Buna® CB 55 L        51 linear


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