Regular Butyl (IIR)

Regular Butyl Rubber is a copolymer of isobutylene with small amounts of isoprene. The incorporation of isoprene creates double bonds, allowing vulcanization with sulfur and other curing agents. The vulcanizate properties of X_Butyl® make it particularly suitable for a variety of rubber products, such as tire inner tubes, curing bladders and protective clothing.

Key Properties  

Butyl Rubber consists predominantly of saturated polyisobutylene. When the compounds based on Regular X_Butyl® are correctly formulated and processed, the end-products have excellent resistance to weathering, ozone and hot air, as well as to acidic and basic chemicals. Furthermore Regular X_Butyl® will provide very low permeability to gases and liquids, high damping and good low-temperature flexibility.

In summary: 

• high impermeability to gases

• excellent ageing stability

• high resistance to heat

• excellent damping / high hysteresis for energy absorption


Articles needing low permeability to gases and liquids, like tire tubes, hoses, seals and membranes. X_Butyl® is also well used in tire curing bladders, which additionally require high heat stability.

Other applications include pharmaceutical closures and rubber articles needing good resistance to chemicals, weathering and ozone, such as tank linings, conveyor belts and protective clothing. Did you know that Butyl is also a material of choice for chewing gum.



Regular X_Butyl® is an unique elastomeric material with excellent impermeability to gas and liquid and high resistance to heat, chemicals and weathering. The low isoprene content provides compounds sufficient physical strength after curing.

Product Portfolio
X_Butyl® Unsatsl[mol%] Mooney[MU]   Ash[%]  Volatiles/Water[%]
RB1000.933 ± 3<0.3<0.3
RB4022.2533 ± 4<0.3<0.3
RB3011.8551 ± 5<0.3<0.3
RB101-31.7551 ± 5<0.3<1.0


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