Solution Styrene Butadiene Rubbers

The Buna® SL product group contains low vinyl butadiene-styrene copolymers, produced by solution polymerization using an alkyl-lithium catalyst. Oil extended and clear grades are available. The polymers are stabilized with non-staining antioxidants, which are added during the manufacturing process and impart excellent heat aging properties under normal storage conditions.


Due to the very low Tg close to that of natural rubber, Buna SL has excellent properties in the manufacture of tires, retreads, moulded technical parts, injected or extruded goods, surgical goods, shoe soles and automotive industry parts. Provided that the compounds are formulated and processed correctly, the vulcanizates have good resistance to reversion. The low temperature flexibility, resilience and abrasion resistance depend on the polymer´s styrene and vinyl content. The low vinyl content provides a low Tg which gives an excellent low temperature flexibility, abrasion resistance and low rolling resistance. In tire manufacture it is blended with NR, BR or emulsion SBR.



Product Portfolio


Buna® Styrene[%] Mooney oil
SL 4525-02545none
SL 4518-4184537,5 phr HN-oil
SL 7518-4187537,5 phr HN-oil


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