Solution Vinyl Styrene Butadiene Rubbers

Our Solution Vinyl Styrene Butadiene rubbers produced have a modified microstructure with a higher vinyl content. Their vinyl and styrene contents increase the Tg values which enable an excellent balance of important properties in tire compounds like handling, traction and rolling resistance to be achieved provided that the compounds are formulated and processed correctly.

Due to our vast experience with these kinds of synthetic rubbers, we can offer a broad portfolio of different types of SSBRs such as a wide range in microstructure (vinyl / styrene), varied types of coupling, adjusted glass transition temperature (Tg), targeted functionalizations and Mooney viscosity values. Vulcanizates prepared with these rubbers present also a good resistance to reversion and a good resilience, besides keeping flexibility at relatively low temperatures.



Solution SBRs are the first choice for the production of tire compounds, particularly for summer and winter tire treads and low rolling resistance tires especially in the high performance sector. It is sometimes blended with NR, BR or emulsion SBR to improve the properties of the final product.

As a component in the polymer blend of car tire treads, grip and rolling resistance will be enhanced by controlling the Tg and shape of the tan delta curve.


Product Portfolio
Buna® Styrene[%] vinyl[%] Mooney oil Tg[°C]
VSL 4526-22644,55037,5 phr TDAE-30
VSL 4526-2HM2644,56237,5 phr TDAE-30
VSL 2538-238  255037,5 phr TDAE-31
VSL 2438-2HM3824  80  37,5 phr TDAE  -32 
VSL 3038-2HM3830   66*37,5 phr TDAE-26

 *ML1+4 (125°C)


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